Sander Duivestein

Sander Duivestein is a senior analyst and trend watcher. He has written several books on the impact of digital technology on people, industries and society.  More info. 

Tendayi Viki

Dr. Tendayi Viki is an expert on the application of the scientific method to innovation processes, corporate effectuation and the Lean Startup method and how organizational cultures can be adapted to support sustaining and disruptive innovation. More info.

Ruben Timmerman

Ruben Timmerman is the founder of the fast growing company Springest, the first company in The Netherlands to introduce the holocracy principles. More info. 

Willemijn Maas.jpeg

Arnoud Haverlag

Arnoud Haverlag is the co-founder of Marvia, which was acquired by PostNL. He is currently an entrepreneur in residence at PostNL. More info. 

Ben van der Burg

Ben van der Burg is Commercial Director at Triple IT. He will be the moderator at this event. More info.

Willemijn Maas

Willemijn Maas is the former director of broadcasting company AVRO and the HES/School for Economic Studies. She is now an advisor and interim manager. 


Bob Jansen

Bob Jansen is the owner of Firmhouse, a product development company that designs, develops and tests early stage products.



Martijn Pannevis

Martijn Pannevis is the founder of PanMan Productions. He specialises in Web Development, Cloud Computing, Mobile Technologies and startups.