Start: 13:00 hr

- What’s happening around you?  What are the relevant tech trends. What technology developments can we expect in the near future and what is already happening today?  More information.  - By Sander Duivestein

- From lean startup to design thinking to corporate effectuationWhat do startups do different than larger companies? How to apply a working model to corporate innovation processes?  More information.  - By Tendayi Viki


-Holacracy. How to manage a growing company without losing the startup culture? - By Ruben Timmerman

-Expert Panel. Rapid innovation in corporate environments.  - By Pieter Paul van Oerle (Accenture). With  Arnoud Haverlag (Entrepreneur in Residence at PostNL), Brent Vicknair (Head of Innovation at Wegener Media) and Lars Falch (Innovation Manager at Nuon / Vattenfall). 


Technology Quiz! - By Ben van der Burg

-Technology for the non-technical manager.  If you want to innovate, you need to know the basics.  - By Martijn Pannevis and Bob Jansen

-Practical Implementation: 5 take-aways - By Willemijn Maas

Drinks and networking




There is no separate digital economy. We have an economy that is digital 

-- Neelie Kroes, European Commission Vice President