Innovate like a startup!

Disrupt or be disrupted


How can your company become as innovative as a startup? How can you tap the frenetic energy and innovation of startup culture within your own company We’ve set up a program that will explore the current developments, explain startup methodologies and present real live cases. 


The list of top 100 global companies is continuously changing. A june 2013 study by PWC indicated that only 67 of the top 100 global companies in 2008 survived. The new companies in the top 100 are either in technology or consumer services and growth is driven by innovation and global reach. 

There is no separate digital economy. We have an economy that is digital 

-- Neelie Kroes, European Commission Vice President

It is well known that smaller companies and startups innovate at a much higher speed than the larger established companies. Larger companies have processes, budgets to keep track of, resources to deploy and hierarchies to scale, and anything that doesn’t contribute to the bottom line receives less attention from management. Startups have lower costs, better execution and can afford to take risks. 

However, larger companies have the option to experiment. Companies such as GE, Nordstrom and Samsung are already implementing startup elements: from the implementation of  the Lean Startup Methodology, to working with phantom equity to compensate innovative employees and setting up accelerators and hackatons. 

Startups are not smaller versions of big companies. 

-- Steven Blank, Silicon Valley serial-entrepreneur and academician





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